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    Flax is one of the first crops that a person began to grow in agriculture, and this happened even in antiquity — in Egypt, India and other countries developed and flourished in those days. For thousands of years, flax was used to make clothes and food, and here, in Russia, it was considered a special culture: flax not only fed and dressedpeople, but also healed many different ailments.Today, nutritionists often recommend using linseed oil to people with impaired fat metabolism, as it is very easily absorbed and helps break down saturated fats. This property of linseed oil is very important for those who want to lose weight.There are many diseases when the body urgently needs Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids — and there are a lot of them in linseed oil.The most important components of linseed oil are fatty acids: alpha-linolenic — up to 60%, linoleic — up to 20%, and oleic — about 10%. Another 10% is accounted for by other fatty acids.I must say that Omega-6 is also found in other vegetable oils: olive, sunflower, soy, and mustard, but Omega-3 is found only in linseed.