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    Hazelnut oil, or hazelnut, began to gain popularity only in the 70s of the XX century, but its taste and healing qualities were quickly appreciated by consumers.There is as much useful protein in this oil as in natural meat, but the digestibility of this protein is much easier.There are also many vitamins and minerals in it — more than in many long-known and consumed vegetable oils.There are very few saturated fats in hazelnut oil, which is why it is absorbed by the body almost completely, 100%.Nutritionists and cosmetologists call hazelnut oil a source of beauty, health and good mood. Of course, this oil and taste is very pleasant: sweet and soft, with a delicate aroma of hazelnut.Speaking in more detail about the composition of hazelnut oil (hazelnut), then such a quantity of unsaturated fatty acids is not found in any other vegetable oil: they contain 94% of it — mainly oleic acid and linoleic.Among the vitamins — E, C and group B; there are almost all amino acids necessary for a person; mineral composition — sodium, zinc, cobalt, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium.As already noted, hazelnut oil is perfectly absorbed by our body, and the content of vitamin E is so high that it has a very beneficial effect on the immune system.