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    Grape seed oil


    Grape seed oil is cold pressed from seeds of various grape varieties.It has an incomparable taste and aroma, with a slight sourness.Grape seed oil differs from other base oils in its very high linoleic acid content.Only sunflower can be considered its competitor in terms of fatty acidcomposition. The dominance of linoleic acid in the composition explains the fastabsorption of the oil and its special effectiveness on oily skin.The oil also contains other fatty acids – stearic, oleic, arachidic, palmitic. Theyenhance the penetrating and regenerating properties of linoleic acid, affect thetexture and turgor of the skin.Vitamins and minerals in this oil are contained, albeit not in such a large amountas in more nutritious bases, but in an ideal proportion for absorption by the skin.The optimal amount of vitamin E, as well as the entire set of vitamins from among the so-called “beauty vitamins” allows the oil to have an effective regeneratingeffect.