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About pumpkin seed oil


Natural pumpkin-seed oil is very valuable product for human organism.
Pumpkin, which seeds are used for oil production, is one of the most popular fruit crops.
Esthetic functions, easy to take care of, productivity, expiry date and the most important the uniqueness of therapeutic qualities, made this product one of the most used for many centuries.
Due to its high taste and therapeutic qualities pumpkin-seed oil in modern dietology is considered one of the best components for therapy, prevention and baby food.
Pumpkin-seed oil is produced of fried seeds by method of cold pressing. Oil color can vary from dark-green to light-brown.


It’s absolutely impossible to overvalue the benefits of pumpkin-seed oil. This product has such a wide range of usage, it is truly right to call it “black gold”.
The value lies in a wide range of therapeutic and preventive characteristics. It contains highly digestible proteins, vitamins, macro — and micro elements, biologically active elements. All this riches is optimally balanced and easy to use.
Pumpkin-seed oil is rich with vitamins: Vitamin A. Vitamin F, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and T, Vitamin B, and macro — and micro elements: Magnesium, Iron, Selenium, Phosphorus, and Calcium.
It contains phytosterols (or natural hormones) that are highly useful for work of reproductive, cardio and endocrine systems. Phytosterols positively influence the skin condition.
Pumpkin-seed oil also contains phospholipids and chlorophyll what allows to talk about its wound-healing and antibacterial properties.

Use in cookery

Pumpkin-seed oil is used not in big amounts. It is connected with its strong smell, which can “interrupt” the smell of other ingredients. That’s why pumpkin-seed oil is usually included in salad dressings or toppings or in different dessert sauces. It also can be a spice for bakery or for ready to eat dishes (meat or vegetables). It is necessary to remember that you cannot fry using this oil because it cannot be used with high temperatures. It is unrefined. Pumpkin-seed oil is perfect for sallet, other vegetable salads, porridges, pasta and steamed vegetables. It is especially good for dishes made of potatoes, cabbages, lens, peas and beans. It is popular for additional flavor for pickle and cold dishes made of fish or meat. In Germany and Austria pumpkin-seed oil is mixed with apple vinegar and this mixture is one of the most popular salad dressings.


Pumpkin-seed oil is good for extra dry, dehydrated and rough skin; it has regenerating, hydrating, nutritious and antiaging effects.
Regular usage of pumpkin-seed oil helps to maintain optimal balance of skin hydration, tone, suppleness, flexibility, health and youth.
Pumpkin-seed oil is also used to get rid of exfoliation of face skin and softens chapped and cracked lips.
It is also used in case of cuts, wounds, burns and other skin damages, because apart from all mentioned above properties it has good anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and regenerating qualities. It increases skin resistance to different types of infections, stimulates the growth of new cells and is healthy for skin capillary vessels, which as it is known, play an important role not only in healthy skin color, but in skin nutrition as well.
So, pumpkin-seed oil is a unique and effective product in cosmetology.

Therapeutic aims

Regular use of pumpkin-seed oil in cookery is a wonderful source of natural antibiotics and antioxidants. They help people of any age to strengthen the immune system and protect their organism from infections, different types of allergies and oncologic diseases. Useful properties of pumpkin-seed oil are applied at heart, vessels, bladder, gall diseases and prostatitis. It helps in treating of gastritis, prevents the development of chronicle diseases, treats epigastric burning, and supports flexibility of skin and vessels. It is a natural gepaprotector; it protects, regulates and recovers liver functions.
Pumpkin-seed oil has powerful antioxidant properties; they strengthen our organism, immune system and speeds metabolism.
Sedative properties, due to high concentration of vitamins of B group, magnesium and phlavnoids, allow to use pumpkin-seed oil in treatment of insomnia, headaches, neurotic diseases and nervous breakdowns.
There weren’t any clinical tests of pumpkin-seed oil and its influence on human body that is why all information given here is based on customer’s personal experience.

It must be remembered that pumpkin-seed oil is not recommended for children under 3 and people with personal intolerance.

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