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+7 (3852) 57-01-58


New label (23.07.2020)

We have changed our labels on the 250ml bottle to improve presentability and enhance anti-counterfeiting properties. We hope our customers will appreciate this changing!

NEW PRODUCTS! (05.06.2020)

We are glad to inform you that we have expanded the range of our products, namely unrefined cold-
pressed vegetable oils:
— hazelnut oil
— apricot kernel oil
— watermelon seed oil
— almond nut oil
— milk thistle oil
— black cumin oil
— linseed oil
You can find detailed information in the «PRODUCTS» section and download the Presentation in the
«PARTNERS» section.

Website update

Our company does not stop at what we have achieved but constantly is moving forward.
We are glad to announce that we have fully renewed our website.
We hope that this renovation will let us to rise the loyalty of our clients and partners and will be highly appreciated by them.

New cap

In order to strengthen the product from fakes and improving the outer look and consumer usability of our products, we introduced a new, unique, plastic cap for 250 ml bottles. We hope that our clients will appreciate it!

New product range

We are glad to tell you that we have expanded our range of products!
We have added to our range such healthy, useful, tasty and nutritious oils as: pumpkin-seed oil, sesame oil, and also a mixture of olive-cedar wood oil and olive-walnut oil.
For detailed information go to “Products” section.

+7 (3852) 57-01-58