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    About pumpkin seed oil

    Description Natural pumpkin-seed oil is very valuable product for human organism.Pumpkin, which seeds are used for oil production, is one of the most popular fruit crops.Esthetic functions, easy to take care of, productivity, expiry date and the most important the uniqueness of therapeutic qualities, made this product one of the most used for many centuries.Due […]

    Walnut oil

    Description  One of the most delicious and aromatic oils on our table is walnut oil. Health properties and spheres of use of this product are very various, because it contains so many vitamins, minerals and nutritionals that it can substitute even some types of food in our everyday diet.It is made of nutmeats of walnuts […]

    Cedar nut oil in cosmetology

    Cedar nut oil in cosmetology   Cedar oil can be truly called one of the healthiest food product and medicine. It is so full of vitamins, minerals and microelements that it can easily substitute coconut oil, burdock oil and sea-buckthorn oil. Every woman knows all the advantages and nutritional characteristics of this oil and for […]

    Cedar nut oil in cooking

    Cedar oil is extremely tasty in cooking. It is mostly used as flavor. Porridges become delicious if flavored with cedar oil. They become a piece of cooking art! Cedar oil can be used as a dressing for salads.