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    Amaranth oil is an oil obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of the amaranth plant. This technology is expensive, since the percentage of oil yield is not high, but at the same time it allows you to keep all the useful properties of the product at the maximum level.Amaranth oil has a unique composition […]


    Macadamia nut oil is cold pressed from nut kernels, it has an original taste and aroma, reminiscent of the actual taste of the nut itself.Macadamia nut oil contains a fairly large amount of fatty acids such as oleic, palmitoleic. It also contains vitamins E, C, niacin and minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus. […]


    Avocado oil is a thick greenish-yellow liquid with a rather pleasant mild taste and original smell. It is obtained by cold pressing from the pulp of the avocado fruit. We do not use avocado peels or pits during pressing – they contain persin, a fungicidal toxin (dangerous for humans and animals).Avocado oil contains many vitamins, […]

    New products

    We are glad to present you the novelties of our assortment – unrefined cold-pressed vegetable oils: peach and grape seeds, as well as oil-mixture – “Salad oil”. We will be glad if our customers appreciate these products!

    Milk thistle

    Spotted milk thistle is popularly referred to as thistle. It has long been widely used in pharmaceuticals andmedicine and is considered a powerful drug. It can also be called an effective tool that is used to prevent many diseases. Due to its many beneficial properties, it is very actively used in traditional medicine.From a medical […]

    Peach kernel oil

    Peach kernel oil has a mild almond aroma, pleasant taste, and has a yellowish tint.After multi-stage processing, it retains the full range of its useful properties,therefore it is widely used in cosmetology and medicine, applied externally andinternally, as well as in cooking. Peach kernel oil is rich in beneficial ingredients. It contains: – Polyunsaturated fatty […]

    Apricot kernel

    Apricot kernel oil, or in another way apricot oil, is obtained by cold pressing of apricot kernel. Apricot kernel oil belongs to the category of base (fatty) oils. It has a light yellow transparent color and has a mild aroma. The consistency of the oil is liquid and slightly viscous. The composition of apricot oil […]

    Watermelon seed

    Watermelon seed oil is an oil obtained from the seeds of watermelon. Together with the oil, all the healing components of the product go into cold extraction. It has a pleasant taste and aroma, reminiscent of the beloved summer fruit — watermelon, as well as a beautiful color — from yellowish to light orange in […]

    Almond nut

    Almond nut oil is obtained by cold pressing the kernels of sweet almonds. This is a clear liquid with a slightly yellowish tint, pleasant to the taste, not smelling of anything. Almond nut oil has a very high concentration of glyceride linolenic acid, triolein, tocosterol, amygdalin and phytosterol. Almond nut oil contains vitamin E, which […]


    Hazelnut oil, or hazelnut, began to gain popularity only in the 70s of the XX century, but its taste and healing qualities were quickly appreciated by consumers.There is as much useful protein in this oil as in natural meat, but the digestibility of this protein is much easier.There are also many vitamins and minerals in […]